Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.

We deliver incursions in Northern Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.

We also have amazing Educators in Melbourne and can service West and South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs.

Melbourne Service Area
Melbourne areas

The ideal class size is less than 35 children to ensure each child receives the best experience. If you have more than 35 children we have many options to accommodate your centre, please let us know at the time of booking.

Yes, if you have more than one class we would be delighted to run more than one session. Simply let us know at the time of booking.

All of our one hour incursions and 10 week programmes are suitable for preschool aged children, between 3-5 years. We also run shorter versions of our one-off incursions targeted at toddlers, aged 2-3 years.

Our Ecobugs programme, including the 10 week programme is also suitable for primary school years K-2 and vacation care.

It’s easy, for Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast bookings please call  0405 092 275 or email us at info@ladybugacademy.com.

For Melbourne Bookings please call 0433 650 589 or email Vee@ladybugacademy.com.

You can also fill out the booking form here.

1 – We select a suitable date for the booking with your centre.

2 –We send you a confirmation email with the booking details and a deposit invoice for $150 + GST to secure the dates for your centre.

3 – One week prior to the booking we will call you to confirm the final timings and let you know how you can prepare for our arrival.

4 – On the Day………

If you have booked an incursion – we will arrive approximately 45 minutes before the incursion start time to allow time to set up. The incursion will run for 1 hour, and then we will require approximately 30 minutes to pack up and leave the room as we found it 🙂

If you have booked an insect experience – we will arrive at the agreed time slot and help select the most suitable location for the enclosure. It will take approximately 15 minutes to set up plus up to 15 minutes to explain how to look after the insects. On our return to collect the enclosure we will spend approximately 30 minutes packing up and leaving the room clean and tidy.

5 – After the Booking when you are totally happy with your experience we will send an invoice for the final balance and a feedback form to allow you to share your comments

No problem, simply contact us as soon as you know you need to make a change and we can check availability for you.

We ask for a deposit of $150 + GST to ensure the date remains yours. The final balance is invoiced after the incursion when we know you are totally happy with our service.

Alternatively you can pay for the full balance at the time of booking.

We accept payment via bank transfer, our bank details are on the invoice. 

We also accept Credit Card payments over the phone, please call the office to pay using this method.

Yes, this information is available for all bookings, please let us know when you make a booking and we will send you the information.

For our incursions we need a suitable area in the classroom with 2 tables, a powerpoint and space on the floor for the children to sit and dance.

For our Butterfly Garden and Stick Insect Tower, we simply need a classroom table. When we arrive we will assist you to choose the best location in the room.

Of course you can, you can find a copy of it here – Helen Paver Pty Ltd Privacy Policy .