About Us

Our mission at Ladybug Academy is to create memorable learning experiences that enrich each child’s understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

Helen Paver (Bsc, Msc) 

The owner of Ladybug Academy, is the lead Educator for all incursions and programmes. Helen has a background in Environmental Science and Health & Fitness and combines this with her enthusiasm for working with children to inspire our children to live a healthy and sustainable life. All Ladybug Academy edutainment programs are designed or endorsed by Angela Andonopoulos (BA. DipEd. MA, PhD candidate), the founder of Ladybug Academy, in partnership with other educational leaders. To find out more please get in touch using our contact page

Why choose us?

We use original songs and puppetry, engaging visuals and hands-on activities to capture each child's attention and create a fun, safe and exciting learning environment.

Our Curriculum based  programs have clear outcomes linked to the EYLF with comprehensive follow on resources for staff.

Students explore important topics to promote sustainability, diversity, health and wellbeing in the home and wider community.