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Holding strick insects in our Stick Insect experience

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Ladybug Academy is the innovative leader in delivering fun and engaging educational incursions for preschool and primary aged children.


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jamaica bridges
2 months ago

We have booked a variety of incursions from Ladybug Academy. The Children love having them visit and all of the incursions we have booked have been interactive and keep the children entertained. We recently had there insect tower at our service for 2 weeks and it was a huge success. I would highly recommend them to any service. Angela is always so amazing to deal with and happy to help with any bookings.

Abbotsford NS
2 months ago

Ladybug Academy provided a fantastic experience for our service. We had the stick insects for 2 weeks and it was educational and exciting! They were reliable and professional in their communication, and the experience was a highlight for our children. We particularly loved that the enclosure was able to be moved around the service for all to experience. Thanks for providing a great and educational service.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueWe love Ladybug incursions, children are so engaged and learn so much. We will book more incursions with Ladybug Academy next year.

Kylie Temperley
3 months ago

Jessica Saladine
4 months ago

The best incursion for our children, we would highly recommend any preschool or school to engage with Ladybug Academy

Djuna Ohern
5 months ago

Very engaging incursion, age appropriate and paced well. The incursion built on the children's current knowledge in an hands on and interactive program.

Sheryn Mulford
6 months ago

Thank you Ladybug! We just wanted to pass on that the children and educators has an absolute ball, thank you so much!I would definitely recommend booking with Ladybug academy!

Kelly Yeung
9 months ago

Atchison Centres
9 months ago

Lady bug academy offer such fun and intellectual incursions on a whole range of crucial topics. Our children loved the incursion and even the staff were able to take away extension activity ideas of interest to add to the program, to further support the children's experience. We have now had two incursions with Lady hug academy and plan to have many more moving forwards.

Ladybug academy is at Rhodes Central Preschool Kindergarten every month! Helen and the team at Ladybug Academy are extraordinary! We love every incursion that we have had! The incursions are fun, educational and hands on! All the children leave the session learning something new and are talking about it for days later! We highly recommend Ladybug Academy!

A beautiful program. The garden encouraged the children at Kiddies On First Early Learning Child Care Centre to explore insects and their habitats to foster a simple understanding of biodiversity. Children increased their knowledge and respect for the natural environment as they witnessed the caterpillars transformation to a glorious butterfly. The highlight was releasing the butterfly into the natural enviornment. Highly recommended.

Jess Watton
a year ago

Highly recommend the Butterfly experience. Having now done it twice, we can say it is still as interesting and amazing watching the full life cycle of the butterfly unfold in front of your eyes. We have been memorized at the chrysalis and hatching process and, holding those magical butterflies on your finger at the end as you release them into nature is very special! Helen is professional and the whole experience is VERY easy to manage, and take care of.

Michael Donnelly
2 years ago

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueWe love having the butterfly garden at our centre. The children really respond to it and get so excited when they see a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueThe Butterfly Garden is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to learn about nature and the other excellent shows keep them engaged, happy and encourage their interest in the world around them.

Kirsten Marsh
a year ago

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Karen Garred
a year ago

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityWe have had the Butterfly experience for a couple of years and thought we would try the stick insects. It was excellent and very well set up. Our children weren't super excited as we already have our own spiny leaf insects. Would be excellent for a child care centre that doesn't have insects as a class pet!