Ladybug Academy's Travel Bug Programs are

suitable for toddlers and pre-school.

One-off Incursion


Ladybug Academy's Travel Bug program takes children on an around-the-world journey to explore many of the exciting cultures that our world has to offer. Celebrating our differences is key to promoting diversity and when we meet a funny martian from Planet Dupe our journey takes a sudden turn on a hunt for buried treasure that leads us to many different and exciting new places. 


Our journey takes us to Asia, Africa, the Middle East and back to Australia, meeting many different faces around the world. As we meet our new panda, camel and elephant friends, we explore various housing, traditional dress and languages, learning how to say hello in different countries. 


We use digital narrative, dance and interactive activities to engage children in our storytelling experience. Our original songs 'Hello Friend' and 'Different Places' inspire children to embrace a world of variety while recognising that even though we are different, we all want to live in a peaceful and connected way. 

At Ladybug Academy, our belief is that developing a deep appreciation of cultural diversity is key to creating a more positive and peaceful global community. We aim to inspire others to share this vision, along with the message that inspired change starts in our families, classrooms and local communities. 

10 Week Program

Ladybug Academy's extended weekly Travel Bug program takes the children on an ongoing imaginary journey around the world.

Visiting a new continent or country each week, the program provides an in-depth exploration of the different continents and many of the interesting countries that contribute to the colourful variety of our global community. Through song, dance, physical movement, games, digital narrative and dramatic play, children have the opportunity to explore the rich cultures of Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and beyond. 

Children learn about different forms of travel and are inspired to explore their natural curiosity as they engage with music, language and art forms that are designed to promote deeper cultural appreciation. 

Ladybug Academy's extended weekly program provides a range of cultural experiences developed with the aim of enriching the classroom curriculum.  

All of our presenters are fully trained, passionate Travel Bugs, fully insured with current Working with Children checks.

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