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EcoBUG fun at Oatley Red Bear Preschool

It's the last week of August and we are ready and set for a beautiful Spring here at Ladybug Academy! We have had a great time visiting centres around Sydney and lauching our latest EcoBUG incursion at Oatley Red Bear Preschool on Thursday.

What an enthusiastic group of children who had so many wonderful ideas about how to reuse waste instead of throwing it in the bin. We built a very special cardboard robot and guess what the children decided to name it - Darth Vadar! We thought that was a fantastic name for our cardboard robot friend.

Learning about what we can recycle was next on our list of fun things an EcoBUG loves to do. The children each had a turn of choosing rubbish out of our Litter Bug bin (naughty Litter Bug!) to help us sort it all ready for recycling. We had a visit from Roger the Recycling Truck and thought that it might be a great idea to help to clean up the street as we marched, danced and learnt how to draw the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle symbol.

The highlight of the show for this group was definitely when Drip Drop came to remind us to turn off the tap when we brush our teeth or wash our hands. The children remembered to "turn of the tap and don't waste a drop!" and also learnt all about keeping our beaches and rivers clean by taking our rubbish with us when we finish our visit.

Children had a great time planting seeds in their special paper pots that they could take home to show their family. I'm sure that each child will have lots of new ideas about how we can each be EcoBUGS at school, at home or when we're out and about!

Oatley Red Bear Preschool are certainly leading the way in education about sustainability for children. I was lucky enough to be invited to have a look at their new purpose-built outdoor play area and was delighted to see the new garden area. The centre features a beautiful edible garden, composting bin, flowers, wriggly worms and even a scarecrow! What a fantastic way for children to experience what it means to be an EcoBUG in a hands-on way, every day.

Thank you for having us, Oatley Red Bear! We look forward to visiting you again very soon.

See you again soon, EcoBUGs! Don't forget the three R's - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, and don't forget to turn off the tap!

For more information about Oatley Red Bear Early Learning Centre please visit

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