Ladybug Academy is the innovative leader in delivering fun and engaging

educational incursions for preschool and primary aged children

promoting health, wellbeing, diversity and sustainability.


Our mission at Ladybug Academy is to create memorable learning experiences that enrich each child’s understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.


Students explore important topics through interactive and stimulating educational programs that make learning as enjoyable as possible. We use original songs, engaging visuals, interactive and hands-on activities to capture each child's attention and create a fun, safe and exciting learning environment.


Our curriculum-based programs feature an engaging variety of edutainment strategies including digital narrative, song, dance, interactive activities, puppetry, dance and games to promote sustainability, diversity, health and wellbeing.


We seek to work in partnership with other educators to deliver relevant and meaningful learning opportunities for each child. Our aim is to share valuable messages that promote positive outcomes for both the individual and the wider community.


Why choose us?


  • Curriculum-based programs with clear links to current outcomes.

  • Extended content for follow on learning experiences in your classroom.

  • Technology focus ensures engagement for 21st century learning bugs!

Helen Paver (Bsc, Msc), the owner of Ladybug Academy, is the lead Educator for all incursions and programmes. Helen has a background in Environmental Science and Health & Fitness and combines this with her enthusiasm for working with children to inspire our children to live a healthy and sustainable life.

All Ladybug Academy edutainment programs are designed or endorsed by Angela Andonopoulos (BA. DipEd. MA, PhD candidate), the founder of Ladybug Academy, in partnership with other educational leaders. 


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LadyBug Academy 


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Service areas - Newcastle, Central Coast and Northern Sydney Areas